Join Diver 260 USD
Non Diver 225 USD
Charter Diver 2800 USD
Non Diver 2380 USD
Raja Ampat
Join Diver 310 USD
Non Diver 265 USD
Charter Diver 3440 USD
Non Diver 2950 USD

Included in the price:

– Board and lodging (three meals),

– Mineral water,

– Tea and coffee,

– Three dives per day,

– Transfer from the airport in Labuan Bajo to the boat.


Not included in the price:

– Other drinks,

– Entrance ticket to KOMODO National Park,

– Equipment rental.

2018 – 2019 SINAR

Start End Destination
02-Agust-18 09-Agust-18 Komodo
11-Agust-18 18-Agust-18 Komodo
20-Agust-18 27-Agust-18 Komodo
29-Agust-18 05-Sep-18 Komodo
08-Sep-18 13-Sep-18 Komodo
16-Sep-18 23-Sep-18 Komodo
25-Sep-18 30-Sep-18 Komodo
08-Oct-18 15 Oct-18 Komodo
9 nov-18 17-Nov-18 Raja Ampat
19-Nov-18 29-Nov-18 Raja Ampat-Misool
30-Nov-18 08-Dec-18 Raja Ampat Full Charter
11-Dec-18 19-Dec-18 Raja Ampat
21-Dec-18 29-Dec-18 Raja Ampat
31-Dec-18 08-Jan-19 Raja Ampat
10-Jan-19 18-Jan-19 Raja Ampat
20-Jan-19 28-Jan-19 Raja Ampat
30-Jan-19 07-Feb-19 Raja Ampat
09-Feb-19 17-Feb-19 Raja Ampat
19-Feb-19 27-Feb-19 Raja Ampat
01-Mar-19 09-Mar-19 Raja Ampat
11-Mar-19 19-Mar-19 Raja Ampat
28-Apr-19 04-May-19 Komodo
06-May-19 12-May-19 Komodo
14-May-19 20-May-19 Komodo
22-May-19 28-May-19 Komodo
01-Jun-19 06-Jun-19 LBJ-Lombok
07-Jun-19 12-Jun-19 Lombok-LBJ
15-Jun-19 20-Jun-19 LBJ-Lombok
21-Jun-19 26-Jun-19 Lombok-LBJ
29-Jun-19 04-Jul-19 LBJ-Lombok
05-Jul-19 10-Jul-19 Lombok-LBJ
13-Jul-18 18-Jul-19 LBJ-Lombok
19-Jul-19 24-Jul-19 Lombok-LBJ
27-Jul-19 01-Aug-19 LBJ-Lombok
02-Aug-19 07-Aug-19 Lombok-LBJ
10-Aug-19 15-Aug-19 LBJ-Lombok
16-Aug-19 21-Aug-19 Lombok-LBJ
24-Aug-19 29-Aug-19 LBJ-Lombok
30-Aug-19 04-Sep-19 Lombok-LBJ
07-Sep-19 12-Sep-19 LBJ-Lombok
13-Sep-19 18-Sep-19 Lombok-LBJ
21-Sep-19 26-Sep-19 LBJ-Lombok
27-Sep-19 02-Oct-19 Lombok-LBJ

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