Liveaboard Diving across the Indonesian Archipelago 2019

Raja Ampat, West Papua

The vessel KLM Putri has been operating in the rich waters of West Papua for quite some time. Her Indonesian owners and crew are committed to professionalism and know these waters well. From their base in Sorong, this vessel offers a standard of service, that fits the well seasoned traveler, with comfortable accomodations and professionally maintained equipment.

While this vessel is classed as standard, there are many amenities aboard that you would expect on a higher class of vessel. Air-conditioning, lots of space and fast launch services to those special dive sites. Due to limited beds on this boat, she makes a perfect option for families or those small groups !

KLM Putri offers a good service and should be on your list of options when diving the best of the Indonesian Archipelago.

Program Features:

  • Accommodation on board in private air conditioned cabins.
  • 4 dives per day. (more if computer allows)
  • Tanks. weights and belt
  • Professional western divemaster/guide.
  • Full board food program.
  • Bottled mineral water, tea and coffee.

Schedule 2019

09-Jan-19 19-Jan-19 Misool-Raja Ampat 10 305
22-Jan-19 01-Feb-19 Misool-Raja Ampat 10 305
05-Feb-19 15-Feb-19 Misool-Raja Ampat 10 305
19-Feb-19 01-Mar-19 Misool-Raja Ampat 10 305
05-Mar-19 15-Mar-19 Misool-Raja Ampat 10 305
19-Mar-19 29-Mar-19 Misool-Raja Ampat 10 305
02-Apr-19 12-Apr-19 Misool-Raja Ampat 10 305
17-Apr-19 27-Apr-19 Misool-Raja Ampat 10 305
01-May-19 11-May-19 Raja Ampat 10 305
15-May-19 25-May-19 Raja Ampat 10 305
29-May-19 08-Jun-19 Raja Ampat 10 305
12-Jun-19 22-Jun-19 Raja Ampat 10 305
26-Jun-19 06-Jul-19 Raja Ampat 10 305
11-Jul-19 21-Jul-19 Raja Ampat 10 305
26-Jul-19 05-Aug-19 Raja Ampat 10 305
09-Aug-19 19-Aug-19 Raja Ampat 10 305
22-Aug-19 01-Sep-19 Raja Ampat 10 305
04-Sep-19 14-Sep-19 Raja Ampat 10 305
17-Sep-19 27-Sep-19 Raja Ampat 10 305
01-Oct-19 11-Oct-19 Raja Ampat 10 305
15-Oct-19 25-Oct-19 Raja Ampat 10 305
29-Oct-19 08-Nov-19 Raja Ampat 10 305
12-Nov-19 22-Nov-19 Misool-Raja Ampat 10 305
26-Nov-19 06-Dec-19 Misool-Raja Ampat 10 305
10-Dec-19 20-Dec-19 Misool-Raja Ampat 10 305
24-Dec-19 03-Jan-20 Misool-Raja Ampat 10 305

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