Kei and Tanibar Islands for fareastern Indonesia

Kei and Tanibar represent the most extreme eastern islands of the Indonesian Archipelago. They have rich Dutch history and pure island cultures that have been isolated by very infrequent air services for many years. In spite of the fact that there are now several airports, to move from one island group to another is a serice that our Cargo Program resolves.

Be assured that these itineraries will be another product, destined for Groups in 2019.

  1. christian dettenhammer December 17, 2019 at 10:28 pm Reply

    Trajek R52
    Question :how frequently this route is served.? How many passengers locals are usually on board and how many cabins with 4 berth or double berth?
    Are there also stops on islands that are longer than 4 hours?
    Do staff offer food for passengers with better cabins?
    Regards from Germany
    C. D.

    • Your message is noted and we will reply shortly. Please try to indent a targeted month you might wish to travel on this route. Also please estimate how many people could be in your party. Also please understand that accommodation are as described, but crew will often release their own berths if that is your preference. While the passenger counts are not heavy, we block one main deck bunk room for tourism and frankly if you travel today on this R52, you will be more than comfortable in the accommodation provided. Food is inclusive in our offer and taken in the vessels officers dining area. Local Indonesia food is the normal offer. Stops are as programmed, but can be longer if cargo loading above normal. Your Handy with an Indonesian CHIP is suggested if possible to remain in touch with the vessel.

      I will reply again after review of the R52 schedule.

      PT Songline Yachts, Jakarta
      +6285880246295 WA

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