Pioneer Adventure Cruise

Introducing the 2018/2019 Scheduled Departures

When anyone looks at a complete map of the Indonesian Archipelago, you start to realize the size of this fantastic country. It can be consider an adventurers paradise, with more than 17,000 islands almost as many cultural perspectives, thick jungles, majestic rivers and a population of tolerant and friendly people.

For years, our traditional fleet has been attempting to attract and service diving and sailing adventure travelers to some of these fantastic destinations not accessible to most travelers. But there are so many isolated places we can never service them all…the following new Pioneer Adventure Routes give a select few people yet another perspective on how to see Indonesia. PLEASE NOTE THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR EVERYONE, NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART, NOT FOR THOSE THAT NEED SPECIAL ATTENTION and not for those that need Air Conditioning! But if you have been trying to figure out how to get almost anywhere that no one goes in the Indonesian Archipelago you have just found it !

Adventure Cruises to Anambas & Natuna
for Groups & Individuals

In the late 1990’s this network of government subsidized small coastal freighters was developed to provide developmental support to the economic well being of small islands and ports throughout the archipelago.

The Indonesian Department of Perhubungan (transportation) today has developed an impressive network of Perintis routes and this program has been designed to support their developemental objectives for small islands and ports by encouraging adventure tourism to access to some of the most isolated corners of this great archipelago.

2018/2019 Scheduled 7 days/6 nights


PROGRAM 1. Tanjung Pinang-Ranai NATUNA– Tanjung Pinang

TRAYEK                 : R6

BOAT                     : SABUK NUSANTARA 30

DURATION          : 7D6N

PRICE                    : ____USD/person/package

ITINERARY           :


Day Start Arrival   Departure  
1 Tanjung Pinang Wed     22-Aug-2018 13.00
2 Kuala Maras Thur  23-Aug-2018 10.00 Thur     23-Aug-2018 14.00
3 Tarempa Thur     23-Aug-2018 19.00 Friday  24-Aug-2018 03.00
Midai Friday  24-Aug-2018 15.00 Friday  24-Aug-2018 20.00
4 Pulau Tiga Sat    25-Aug-2018 06.00 Sat    25-Aug-2018 10.00
Selat Lampa Sat    25-Aug-2018 11.00 Sat    25-Aug-2018 12.00
5 Sedanau Sat    25-Aug-2018 13.00 Sun    26-Aug-2018 09.00
6 Pulau Laut Sun    25-Aug-2018 17.00 Sun    25-Aug-2018 20.00
7 Ranai Mon 27-Aug-2018 07.00 Tue    28-Aug-2018 23.59



TRAYEK                 : R8

BOAT                     : SABUK NUSANTARA 39

DURATION          :

PRICE                    : ____USD/person/package


ITINERARY           :


Day Start Arrival   Departure  
1 Ranai
2 Pulau laut
3 Sedanau
Pulau Tiga
4 Midai
5 Kuala Maras
6 Kijang



PROGRAM 2. Tanjung Pinang-Blinyu– Tanjung Pinang-Sintete- Tanjung Pinang

TRAYEK                 : R7

BOAT                     : SABUK NUSANTARA 62

DURATION          :

PRICE                    : ____USD/person/package


ITINERARY           :

Tanjung Pinang -78- Senayang -38-Jagoh -45- Pulau Berhala -45-Jagoh- 57-Pulau Pekajang -37- Blinyu -37- Pulau Pekajang -57- Jagoh- 38-Senayang -78-  Tanjung Pinang -226- Tambelan -95- Sintete -95- Tambelan -226- Tanjung Pinang

Day Start Arrival   Departure  
Tanjung Pinang Sat, 11-Aug-2018 11.00
Senayang Sat, 11-Aug-2018 21.00 Sun, 12-Aug-2018 06.00
Jagoh Sun, 12-Aug-2018 16.00 Mon, 13-Aug-2018 06.00
Pulau Berhala Mon, 13-Aug-2018 12.00 Mon, 13-Aug-2018 13.00
Jagoh Mon, 13-Aug-2018 19.00 Mon, 13-Aug-2018 21.00
Pulau Pekajang Tue, 14-Aug-2018 07.00 Tue, 14-Aug-2018 09.00
Blinyu Tue, 14-Aug-2018 14.00 Tue, 14-Aug-2018 16.00
Pulau Pekajang Tue, 14-Aug-2018 21.00 Tue, 14-Aug-2018 23.00
Jagoh Wed, 15-Aug-2018 08.00 Wed, 15-Aug-2018 10.00
Senayang Wed, 15-Aug-2018 20.00 Thur, 16-Aug-2018 06.00
Tanjung Pinang Thur, 16-Aug-2018 16.00 Fri, 17-Aug-2018 14.00
Tambelan Sat, 18-Aug-2018 14.00 Sun, 19-Aug-2018 05.00
Sintete Sun, 19-Aug-2018 17.00 Mon, 20-Aug-2018 05.00
Tambelan Mon, 20-Aug-2018 17.00 Tue, 21-Aug-2018 08.00
Tanjung Pinang Wed, 22-Aug-2018 08.00 Sat, 25-Aug-2018 11.00
Senayang Sat, 25-Aug-2018 21.00 Sun, 26-Aug-2018 06.00
Jagoh Sun, 26-Aug-2018 16.00 Mon, 27-Aug-2018 06.00
Pulau Berhala Mon, 27-Aug-2018 12.00 Mon, 27-Aug-2018 13.00
Jagoh Mon, 27-Aug-2018 19.00 Mon, 27-Aug-2018 21.00
Pulau Pekajang Tue, 28-Aug-2018 07.00 Tue, 28-Aug-2018 09.00
Blinyu Tue, 28-Aug-2018 14.00 Tue, 28-Aug-2018 16.00
Pulau Pekajang Tue, 28-Aug-2018 21.00 Tue, 28-Aug-2018 23.00
Jagoh Wed, 29-Aug-2018 08.00 Wed, 29-Aug-2018 10.00
Senayang Wed, 29-Aug-2018 20.00 Thur, 30-Aug-2018 06.00
Tanjung Pinang Thur, 30-Aug-2018 16.00 Fri, 31-Aug-2018 14.00
Tambelan Sat,  1-Sep-2018 14.00 Sun, 2-Sep-2018 05.00
Sintete Sun, 2-Sep-2018 17.00 Mon, 3-Sep-2018 05.00
Tambelan Mon, 3-Sep-2018 17.00 Tue, 4-Sep-2018 08.00
Tanjung Pinang Wed, 5-Sep-2018 08.00

Cargo Adventures Destinations

Sumatera Island Frontier Cargo Adventure

The services of this program provide access to the Barrier Islands of the West Coast of Sumatra facing the Great Indian Ocean. While this area is a Mecca for Surfers, these Island communities are divers and well worth visiting.

KEPRI: Anambas, Natuna & Southern KEPRI

The Natuna Islands are a perfect example of a place most people have never been able to access in Indonesia. The ports visit in this island group make up an important part of Indonesia's Western Sea Border.

Kalimantan Island

Traveling within Kalimantan is another subject in itself, but the programs offered here, allow you to enter and exit the massive island from three different directions and perspectives.

Madura Island

Madura used to be isolated and accessible only via boat, but with the new bridge from Surabaya that has changed the access a little but the outer islands are still very special places nd the Madura people are unique for sure.

Timor & Alor Archipelago

These islands have to be classed as some of the best of Eastern Indonesia, but also isolated from Flores or Timor and only one airport, that we know of. The Alor Archipelago stretches across the Northern edge of Timor and boarders the new nation of Timor Leste.

Sulawesi Island

Sulawesi is visited my many people, but few have had the opportunity to experience the outer islands where life is easy but hard at the same time.

Kei and Tanibar Islands for fareastern Indonesia

Kei and Tanibar represent the most extreme eastern islands of the Indonesian Archipelago. They have rich Dutch history and pure island cultures that have been isolated by very infrequent air services for many years.

Papua Northern Coast

This region conjures up the true adventure in everyone, Wemena and Belem are far more primitive then their PNG neighbors and are a must see for anyone want to get on the edge, However, these destinations do not even come near to the state of isolation that our programs can take you, up interior rivers along coastal expanses of Canderwasi Bay and the WWII History of Biak all are touched by this service.

Papua Southern Coast & The Raja Ampat Islands

This zone again, has been seen by only a few, from M we visit upriver and along the coastal areas of an area still unknown to tourism in the true since of the word.

North Maluccous and Halmahera

The island of Halmahera is known for its bird life and thick jungles, the North Moluccas are new to the tourism theme but still full of interesting WWII history and untouched environments.

Kupang, Rote, Sumba and South Flores

Sumba Island belongs to the Lesser Sunda Islands. Sumba has an area of about 11000 square kilometres, so it is roughly twice the size of Bali. With approximately 715000 inhabitants (2017) Sumba has only about one sixth of the population of Bali. Although Sumba is less than 100 kilometres from the southern coast of Sumbawa and Flores - and still in visibility range - it is quite different

Papua Southern Coast & The Raja Ampat Islands — Copy

This zone again, has been seen by only a few, from M we visit upriver and along the coastal areas of an area still unknown to tourism in the true since of the word.

How the Pioneer Adventurer works?

  • The menu provided has divided the country into 10 regions and one grouping of long haul programs.
  • Each region has several PIONEER ROUTES
  • Each PIONEER ROUTE has a start point
    • Some Routes have turn around points which should be considered ENDS
    • Some Routes are schedules as full circles
    • Some Routes are rather complicated
  • Travel is recommended to be taken in continuous long runs from Start Point to End or full circles back to the Start Point. In the event you wish to disembark in any specific port, please keep in mind that normal stops are from 4-6 hours allowing time for quick exploration, photographing or cultural visits. For those needing more time, arrangements can be made but your stay might be long but would be based on the next visit of the vessel to your selected port.
  • The program is based on transportation only, but food can be purchased aboard or you can catch your own fish and arrange to have it prepared. Cabins with up to 10 bunk beds are sometimes available and if required, they can be arranged directly with the crew. Many of the Heavier Cargo Vessels provide simple deck accommodation under a tented deck space.
  • All payments for transportation and other services of the vessels are made on arrival at the vessel.
  • Access to the Network is exclusively available via email and a simple flat booking fee of 100EURO per person is required to make arrangements and to participate in this Subsidized Program.

Booking Procedures

Once you have reviewed the numerous programs available here a simple email to will open a file for you in our system. With this file opened you can answer any questions you might have about your options or destination. Please note that specific departure dates are not able to be provided until approximately 14 days prior to the actual date. In addition even within this time frame departures can be delayed. Maximum Flexibility is important in the program.

Once your plan is clear, we assume that should happen 3-6 months in advance, a booking confirmation payment will need to be made. (last minute bookings can be dealt with but planning is key to adventure travel ) This onetime cost of 100 EURO can be made by wire transfer to our Jakarta bank or if you wish you can use PAYPAL to process. An invoice will be provided to you with specific payment instructions.

Once this Booking Confirmation has been received you will be provided with a hand phone contact at the departure point of the vessel. You are expected to make contact with this departure monitor 48 hours prior to the departure and payment is expected in IDR prior to boarding the vessel. Failure to board will result in loss of your booking fee. But rescheduling can be arranged. Just keep in mind these schedules are offered every 14-21 days, so miss the boat and your wait for the next one might be a little long !

For more information, please email us to or visit Contact Us page.

  1. Hi. Looking for a 2-3 night cruise trip in the first week if mach. For an adventurous couple. On budget. Please help.

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