Live-Aboard Dive Cruis es: Halmahera

It has only been over the last few years that our Traditional Fleet members have begun to explore the wealth of world class diving around the North Maluccus. This reality is common in Indonesia and if you are into new dive destinations, Indonesia is full of them.




KM Ocean Rover

Raja Ampat, Halmahera, Bangai, Talaud Islands


7, 10, 12 & 14 Night Operations, throughout the Archipelgo One of the Newest and most Modern Liveaboards on the market here in the Indonesian Archipelago, NITROX, Deluxe accomodations and all the Dive Toys you would ever want on a 5 Star Vessel Scheduled Departure Dates

Exploration & isolation Program Year Round Operations Full Dive Gear: from 425USD per person per night unlimited diving


A 19th century Dutch writer once described Indonesia as “wrapped around the Equator like an emerald band”. Ever since, this island nation has captured the imagination of everyone who visited there. Those who have explored the underwater world of Indonesia’s agree that it has one of the most diverse marine environments on the planet.

Northern Sulawesi, especially the area around Manado, is one of the best-known diving destinations in the country. It is easily accessible by air from Singapore with Silk Air as well as from Jakarta and Bali with Garuda Airlines or Lion Air. Our cruises depart in the afternoon, so you can fly in and board the ves-sel on the same day.
The topside scenery is dramatic with jungle clad mountains and volcanoes dominating the landscape. Unlike most of Indonesia, Northern Sulawesi’s inhabitants are devout Christians and a pleasant sense of calm and peacefulness prevails.

In June 2008, Ocean Rover relocated and is now based in this unique maritime area offering our guests the opportunity to enjoy Northern Sulawesi diving in comfortable and familiar on-board surroundings. The key words, as always, are diversity and quality and our crew is looking forward to making your cruise a memorable experience. Ocean Rover‟s crew members are very experienced and receive constant praise from our guests. Our dive crews have logged thousands of dives in these waters yet have retained their enthusiasm and sense of wonderment. They excel in finding small and rare marine life specimens that are hidden to the untrained eye and are happy to show you how to photograph these creatures with-out harassing them and without damaging the coral. Add to this our Indonesian boat crews ever –smiling helpfulness and mouthwatering on-board cuisine and you have all the ingredients for a great trip.

Ocean Rover departure point in North Sulawesi is the deep-sea port of Bitung in Lembeh Strait. Each cruise will start and finish with a full day of diving in this popular location for underwater photographers in search of unique macro subjects. Our divers will also spend time enjoying the world-class diving around Bunaken National Marine Park and Bangka Island. Here divers will encounter spectacular walls and reefs of hard and soft corals, an underwater environment that has enchanted divers from all over the globe. Ocean Rover then journeys further north to a chain of volcanic islands, the Sangihe Archipela-go: Dozens of islands (77), some of which are over 4,900 ft/1.500 m high and densely covered by coco-nut palms. This area has some of the deepest and clearest water on the planet.
Some of the highlights include an underwater lava flow, a natural hot spring Jacuzzi and a dive at Ma-hangetang, an underwater volcano that releases silver bubbles into the sea, an unforgettable sight! Conditions permitting, we also do spectacular pinnacle diving at Para Island.
Overall, Ocean Rover offers the most comfortable way of experiencing all that North Sulawesi has to offer in one single cruise.





Diving the FULL Archipelago
Scheduled Departure Dates
Cruise Rates:
Dive Rate: 350 per person per day



The key word on this boats program in "young" .....the owners are super motovated, service oreinted people and are looking to make their mark on Indonesian diving with Great Serivce. You will not be disappointed with the service or accomodations on this boat and frankly the rate is very good when you study the math of other boats offering similar programs.




Raja Ampat, Derawan, Bangka Blitung and Komodo


5-14 Night Operations, throughout the Archipelgo
One of the Newest Liveaboard on the market here in the Indonesian Archipelago, NITROX, Deluxe accomodations and all the Dive Toys you would ever want on a 5 Star vessel
Scheduled Departure Dates

Exploration & isolation Program
Year Round Operations
Full Dive Gear: from 350USD per person per night unlimited diving


Unlike many other vessels of different origin that have been retrofitted as dive liveaboards, Uwetwo has been designed and built from scratch as a liveaboard vessel catering to the needs of divers. She offers great comfort and flair, and at the same time is optimally geared towards supporting a diving operation in terms of safety, convenience, and efficiency. Dedicated dive station with separate wet and dry sections:

A large room on the upper deck has been custom-built and outfitted as a full dive station, divided up into two separate sections.
The wet section features:

• Personal dive baskets for all guests, to store your BCD, regulators, fins and mask away from the elements, as well as individual wet suit hangers

• Two large rinsing tanks, one for regulators and the other for cameras and computers
(our 6.5 tons/day reverse osmosis and large freshwater tanks allow us to change water as often as required)

• A large desktop area to dry your camera and computer after rinsing

• Filling station and storage for dive tanks

The dry section provides a safe place to open your camera, dive light or computer.

• Large desktop area as work space, as well as to store sensitive (and often bulky) equipment when not in use

• Large number of power sockets - you will never have to wait if you want to charge your batteries.

Professional, efficient equipment and range of dive gear for rental.

• Two 240 l/min CAT filling compressors

• 500 l/min Atlas Copco Nitrox (21-36%) compressor

• Complete range of Aqualung dive gear available for rental

• 30 steel tanks (12Liter) with your choice of DIN or INT connection as well as a few extra large and extra small (emergency spare air) tanks

Large and convenient dive platform, two dedicated dinghies. Our large dive platform is located at the backboard side of the vessel, three easy steps down from the main deck. For some dives, it serves as a starting point, while for others, you will board one of our two dinghies from here. Of course, in between dives, you can use it for swimming, snorkeling, or just relaxing over the water. Our dinghies are equipped with dive tank racks holding your gear while on the way to/from your dive site. Where dive sites are close by, you can leave your gear on the rack in between dives, and your tank can be refilled right in the dinghy. Where dive sites are further apart, our experienced crew will carry all your dive gear to/from the dinghies.



This vessel is also diving the area of South Halmahera, which will for sure come to be yet another special world class area in North Maluku Provience !

Advance bookings are suggested on this program and vessel !

Scheduled Departure Dates
Cruise Rate: $525-575 USD per preson per night




Departing from many ports this one is committed to Eastern Indonesia, many new destinations all destined to be the Best Diving in Asia !

Rates and Departure Dates

Cendrawasih Bay and MORE !




MV PARADISE (Dedicated to Halmahera)

Diving Halmahera
Scheduled Departure Dates
Cruise Rates:
Dive Rate: € 180 - € 245 per person per night

This fine new vessel is new and committed to South Halmahera, a destination that is surely slated to be one of Indonesia's prime dive and crusing destinations. We sometimes list destination programs and exploration diving, but in this case much is known about South Halmahera and diving is without Question World Class.

We hope you will consider joining this new program this year !




KLM Putri Papua

Raja Empat, West Papua
10 & 11 Day Cruises
Scheduled Departure Dates
Cruise Rate from 220 usd per person per day





Here comes another one !..........Diving the Raja Empat Islands of Papua does not have to be expensive. If your into no non-sence diving, this vessel is operating a full schedule of departures of 11 days, from the port of Sorong. The vessel is standard class, but the service is professional and well run. The capasity of this vessel is low and therefore, you will not be placed in those mass dive situations that some divers just can't stand. NOTE that is vessel also offers a couple of departures in the Wakatobi National Park in South Sulawesi

Advanced bookings are suggested, so if this is the type of vessel you are looking for, please contact us ASAP.



Raja Ampat
Komodo National Park

Scheduled Departure Dates
Cruise Rate: 332 Euro per day


Almira is yet another fine new Phinisi Liveaboard, under Swiss management and ownership, her service standards are pegged as high as any demanding client would expect for a vessel of this caliber. She is equipped with all the toys and systems any world class diver would ask for and she is brand new only launched in 2010. We watched this fine vessel get constructed and she is truely a lovely boat.